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Naloop foments the opportunity to connect entrepreneurs with consumers that share the values that revolve around the local, artisan, organic, sustainable and fair,  creating in this way the community of the “new millennium”.

We achieve this through our e-commerce platform, at the same time we strengthen the commercial community with collective solutions.

We facilitate the access to benefits aimed at increasing sales channels, strengthening the presence of the brand, providing accompaniment for the entrepreneurial empowerment and providing information of services and products of interest for the growth and development of your business.



  • Exclusive web site with e-commerce platform linked to Naloop.
  • Presence in the Naloop Marketplace with e-commerce platform.
  • Profile of the business and its products in social media and conventional media.
  • Mobile store and geolocalization app for easy search of points of sale of your products.
  • Free of charge workshops and courses in subjects related to business development, organization and company growth.
  • Establish links with professionals and other entities that provide consulting in subjects such as development and entrepreneurial growth.
  • Private forum for sharing doubts, questions, and solutions among entrepreneurs.
  • Section of Latest News, and Blogs linked to the business-products of our members.

We want to create a model of accompaniment that is empowering for our members. The organization or professional ally holds a valuable knowledge for our members' business development. We want to connect these professionals' and organizations' services with our business members who need them in a way that is appealing to both parties and always with the intrinsic goal of building community.

Because more than anything you value the work made in common-unity. Because your are interested in being part of a community of businesses and business people that spins around the values of the XXI century: local, artisan-hand made, organic, sustainable, ecological and fair.

Because you want to:

  • Raise your brand's-business's presence.
  • Increase sales channels.
  • Be accompanied in the empowerment of your business and receive information on services and products relevant and of interest to your business development.

It is important that you are interested and wish to be a part of a business community of people that share the values of the New Millenium: local, artisan-hand made, organic, sustainable, ecological and fair. Joining is easy! You just pay a monthly fee and a percentage for each sale that you get through your website on Naloop.


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