They request Costa Rican farmers to retake crops and not depend on multinationals

El Espectador

The producers of organic crops should retake “control of the value chain” of their activities and not depend so much on the multinationals, assured this Wednesday from Rome the representative of the organic agricultural movement in Costa Rica, Gabriela Soto.

In a workshop organized by the International Fund for Agricultural Development of the UN, Soto called to attention the dominance that the big food multinationals have exercised in the last years, absorbing the small producers.

The multinationals, “do not understand very well the producers, and the trust that these had with the consumers has been broken”, considered the Costa Rican.

The investigator, which is president of a certification agency in her country and member of the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movement, IFOAM, highlighted that to reestablish this relationships, visits by consumers to the centers of production are being promoted, highly accepted in countries such as Perú or Philippines.

She also highlighted the fostering of local markets, where it can be purchased at conventional prices, for which the consumer would otherwise have to pay higher prices.

Another key thing, is for the consumer to be well informed through the certification services, even if these requirements change frequently in function of the country, until they “spiral out of control and asphyxiate the producers”, Soto commented.

More than 70 countries have a special legislation for organic producers, assured Soto, which defended the work carried out by certification agencies, trying to extend more time for farmers to adapt to new market requirements.

According to the Organization of the United Nations for Food and Agriculture, FAO, the growing interest of international markets for organic products, without chemicals and more respectful of the environment, has opened new business opportunities for developing countries through world renowned certifications.


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