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Soils: the base for assuring food supply in the world

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations seeks to make this a priority in 2015. Although this non-renewable resource is extremely valuable for the food safety, the organization calculates that 33 % of the grounds of the planet are moderated to highly degraded, due to erosion, salinization, compression, acidification and chemical contamination.

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Is agriculture in Costa Rica to extinguish?

To do honor to the people who give their lives to the cultivation of the ground, to women, men, children and girls, simple farmhands recites the national anthem, it is to recognize our absence of agriculture, almost extermination of the small producer under the dictatorship of the agribusiness which monopolizes our grounds and is of benefit to few and not even its fruits are for the national consumption, committing an outrage against our food safety.

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